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   “Adoption is not about unwanted babies — it is about unwanted mothers.”

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Real Help For "Unplanned" Pregnancy

Real help for pregnancy does not pressure a woman into a "choice" of only adoption or abortion, denying her any other options. If you are experiencing a surprise pregnancy, here is one website that provides suggestions for resources if you should want to keep you baby.

Keeping Your Baby and Making it Work

If you decide to continue your pregnancy, we'd like to be the first to say to you "Congratulations, MOM!" Because when your baby is born you are her mother, not a "birthmother" ("birth object").

 "Unplanned" Pregnancy - Does Pregnancy Have to Be Planned?

Many of us have had our infant sons and daughters taken for use in adoption. One of the rationalizations given by those in favor of taking our babies is that our pregancy was "unplanned". But many pregnancies are unplanned. When the mother is married, regardless of whether she "planned" her pregnancy, she will not be subjected to societal pressures to make her baby available for infertile people to adopt. Yet if she is single, she may be "shamed" - literally terrorized - to make her feel worthless and get her baby. "Unplanned" pregnancy (single pregnancy) does not mean an unwanted child. By the time she goes through nine months of pregnancy and gives birth, the single pregnant woman is the mother of her baby. She needs her baby and most definitely her baby needs her.


Mothers Exploited By Adoption
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