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Adoption Plan or Infant Abduction?

"I Want Her Back. She is Mine"
Written by Debbie Danielson

I wrote this poem shortly after my daughter was born in 1973.  Although I was just 17, I always intended on keeping and raising my baby. I held her everyday while in the hospital, fed her, gave her a name. It wasn't until after her birth that I found out about my parents' abduction plan. Adoption was never discussed, let alone considered by me. The plain and simple truth is...My child was stolen from me! 

The pain.....the grief..... 
Lord, please give me relief 
I know I am young but this is not right..... 
I begged, I pleaded, I tried to fight 

Oh God they stole my baby!! 
I held her close, I gave her a name 
But they took her away 
shame on you all.....shame, shame, shame 
God, how can you allow such a crime? 
I want her back Lord.....She is mine! 

Why did you allow them to take her away? 
Because I am young.....now I have to pay? 
They signed the papers, they gave me no choice.... 
since I was young I had no voice. 
This was not my wish...this is not what I wanted. 
Now I will forever be haunted. 
I want her back Lord....she's mine! 

A piece of my heart was ripped away.... 
I will never be the same....what more can I say 
The agony....the hurt....uncontrollably tears... 
this unbearable pain will continue years 
What an act of betrayal...... 
by my family and you... 
sentenced to pain for a lifetime.... 
I want her back Lord, she is mine! 

What did I do to deserve this? 
They say I will forget her....what a crock of shit 
They took her away Lord....I'm pissed at the world 
She's mine dear God...she's my little girl. 

There is no justice....this is not fair..... 
they stole her from me....vanished into thin air 
Now I'm destined to grow old.... 
without my beloved child to hold 

This precious soul that I loved so dear... 
she's gone somewhere....she belonged with me here 
I hurt, I cry, I wish I could die 
I want her back Lord....she's mine! 

Copyright © Debbie Danielson   

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