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A natural mother's suggestion of how to change the "image" of American adoption so people get a better picture of the negatives and the cruelty of separating real family members.

What is it about adoption that people find so beautiful and so wonderful? I've pondered that question quite often. How does a child being taken from her natural parents fit into "wonderful"? And how can I help others to see the true nature of adoption?

I think one reason for an immediate misconception is the word itself, "adoption". I remember from studying root words that "ab" means "away from" and "ad" means "towards". "Ab" would seem negative and "ad" would seem positive...right? Well, things are not always what they seem.

With the word "abortion", the negative is pretty obvious - a child is taken away. But with "adoption", the only positive is for the people who are taking the child. So, the word "adoption" doesn't fit for natural parents and the children they lose. There is nothing positive about this experience for them. Nothing is being brought towards them, everything is being taken away.

Perhaps the word "abduction" would paint a better picture. Or what about creating a new word alltogether? That's it! My new word for natural parents and the children taken from them is

Abdoption: the cruel act of taking a child from her natural parents through lies, condemnation, manipulation, and coercion, and giving that child to strangers to raise as their own.

Paula Stafford
Natural Mother


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