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Domestic adoption? Real family members are being separated to obtain babies for adoption.


Adoption Adoptee Open Records Debate


We DID NOT Sign Away Our Love, Concern or Motherhood - by Robin Westbrook 

Letter to the Editor, Boston Globe

Once again I take to my keyboard to try to shine a light through the adoption haze to the truth. I am referring to the article concerning open records for adult adoptees and the claims made by Mr. Kuster, who says he represents "mainly 'birth' parents." 

I represent an online group of over 800 first Mothers who are trying, with all their might, to get one simple fact across to the media and the American public. Here goes again..VERY FEW, IF ANY, OF US WERE PROMISED, ASKED FOR OR WANTED ANONYMITY OR "PRIVACY" FROM OUR OWN CHILDREN! The only privacy that we wanted was at the time of our pregnancies, especially in the "bad old days" when many of us were forced into maternity homes and coerced into surrendering our babies, from the prying eyes and vicious tongues of society. NOT from our adult children. 

When we signed away our parental rights, we did NOT sign away our love, concern or Motherhood. The adult adoptee has every right to a free and clear access to their original birth certificates and adoption records without any veto rights for either adopters or first parents. They should have the same right that we all have..to know our heritage! It's a simple matter of civil rights. Hiding out in shame is passe'. Our children need to know. 

Robin Westbrook 

PR Liaison 

Maintaining the BEBA Website"Birth"-Mothers Exploited By Adoption (BEBA) 



Mothers, add your signatures to the Declaration at

Mothers For Open Records Everwhere

We, mothers separated from our children by adoption, hereby state publicly and unequivocally that we fully support open records for adult adoptees. We further state publicly and unequivocally that we were NEVER promised privacy or confidentiality, either verbally or in writing, at any time prior to, during, or after the surrender of our children to adoption.

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