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dear birthmother letters

The "Birthmother" - When Will Adoption Agencies "Adopt" Real Baby-Making Equipment?

The "birthmother" has always been used as a source of babies for adoption customers. But a new improved version would remove the need for those "dear birthmother" letters, and allows adoptive "parents" to make all the choices.

"What is it?" I asked looking at a big puffy blob-like machine, groaning and writhing. On the side was a menu of selections: Height and weight, body type, hair color and texture, intelligence, interests and thousands of other "genetic factors".

The machine gasped and moaned and a bump covered with hair appeared, and it soon became apparent that this was the head of an infant. Within ten minutes, the infant's body was delivered, then put through a sort of "car wash and dry" and offered up on a "hand" that extended out of a biblical-looking sleeve.

"This is our new 'birthmother'," said the proud manufacturer of the machine, slapping it somwhere around the location that might have been the buttocks. "You just select your options and it will produce the baby of your dreams. We like to think of it as a 'gift from God'. Unlike the old models, there is no concern about the 'birthmother' or 'birthfather' having any right to claim their child. The new improved 'birthmother' has no mind and no emotions. There is no chance of the customer being scammed in any way. You'll never have to feel concerned about the suffering you have put a mother or father through by taking their child to use. The adoptive buyer pays for the baby - so she is the baby's mother and she should not have to concern herself with anything. "

"The 'birthmother' has many features. One of the features we like the best is this: If you want to, you can input the sound of the buyer's voice, singing lullabies - or rap tunes - to help the baby bond with her in utero - or 'in birthmother' as we like to call it. Instead of making all the individual selections of body type and so on, you can use sensors to measure the buyer's own body and then just modify a few parameters as desired. In this way you can 'build' a 'traditional family' where the kids reflect the parents. But many cusomers today also like to use the 'randomize' feature or to select individual factors to build a more exotic-looking or talented family."

"Is it good for a child to be created like this and then purchased by unrelated buyers?" I asked the manufacturer. "Well, separating babies from their mothers at birth has never been good for them," he replied. "But now there are lots of drugs you can use and they help the baby to forget her trauma. They can be administered to her even into adulthood. We also find art therapy and music therapy to be helpful - not to mention the fact that great artwork is often the result of suffering. So you may get an exceptional artist or actress out it, when you use the "birthmother" as the source of a baby."

"So the adoptive buyer need not be too concerned. Of course if there are any issues, there is the possiblity of an exchange or a full money-back guarantee. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase.

The manufacturer leaned toward me with a big smile on his face: "So what do you think of our 'birthmother'?" he asked? "Would you like to order a few for your adoption business? There are still some adoptive 'parents' who want to think their baby was created naturally, but you don't have to tell them the truth about where the baby comes from. Some of the adoption agencies have one or two actresses that pose as 'birthmothers' for customers who are bent on having an old-fashioned 'open' adoption. It's great because the actresses are not the real mothers, so the kids never feel any connection to them. That makes the adoptive buyers especially happy. So they really have all the bases covered."

Note: Mothers today are viewed as objects, as if they were only the packaging a baby comes in. No mother is a "birthmother" meant to be used as the source of a baby for infertile or gay people - she is the MOTHER of her own child.

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