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Domestic Infant Adoption - When Will They Come Out With Baby Coupons?

The following message was shared with a post-adoption group by a man whose close friend was separated from family and adopted.

Sharing My Views on Taking Babies From Their Mothers for Adoption,
by Frank

I was talking to my brothers wife the other day and some how the subject of adoption came up. After voicing why I strongly disagree with taking a baby from their mother for most any reason, especially for reasons of wealth or age I was verbally attacked and saw a side of this gal I had never seen before.

She proceeded to tell me that she is part of a "Christian" organization that takes children from their poor, young mothers and places them with families that are wealthy enough to give them the finer things in life. Then she proceeded to tell me how happy these children are whom she took part in ripping from their mothers. When I responded by saying that I could never be a part of anything associated with adoption because of my conscience, she went off on me to the point of attacking me personally. She’s a mother of 2 and she still takes part in this. She voiced how too many single moms are a burden on the economics of this country and by taking these children and placing them in wealthy families they are saving this country lots of money. Ahhhh then I understood. Its a money thing. Pay less taxes and get a baby to boot. What a deal. Maybe they will start coming out with coupons.

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Her whole view made me sick to my stomach. If you really think about it, adoption is the most selfish thing (in every aspect) in this world today.

After she calmed down and we changed the subject, she proceeded to tell me how great her childhood was and what a great relationship she has with her parents. She grew up with her mother and father and they were very poor.


Mothers Exploited By Adoption
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