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What Follows is a True Story. It is The Story of my Daughter and I, her Adoptive Parents and the Adoption Agency; Small Miracles Foundation of the Rockies, in Englewood, Colorado.

Please see my website for scans and transcripts of the documentation I refer to.

In October of 1995, I received an introductory package from Small Miracles, a local adoption agency in Englewood, Colorado, USA. In it I received a Cover Letter and various other informational items.

I subsequently contacted the agency and began to pursue my options for an "Open Adoption". I thought this was the best answer possible to my difficult situation. I could provide a stable home for my as yet unborn child, and not have the fear that she would never know who I was. I realize the importance of maintaining ties to the Birthfamily, and that is why I wanted to maintain contact.

I signed the Adoption Agreement, and as I did I noted that in the agreement there was a time period following the Birth of my daughter, in which I was free to change my mind and regain custody, if that was my desire. Above all it was stressed to me, both by the agency and the "prospective" parents, that my desires and wishes would be followed, and we were all bound by the promises in the Adoption Agreement.

After my daughter was born I gave physical custody of her to Small Miracles and the prospective adoptive parents under the terms and conditions outlined in our agreement.

The following three weeks were filled with what-ifs and doubts as to whether I had made the right decision. I was worried that the agreements of the adoption wouldn't be kept. I finally came to the realization that I did not want to place my daughter and that I wanted her back.

During a conversation with my 'counsler' at Small Miracles I was forced into making a decision to relinquish or not. At that moment I told the counselor I wanted my baby back. Instead of her assuring me I would regain custody of my daughter as stated in the Agreement, the woman on the phone informed me that I would now have to undergo an evaluation by Social Services to determine whether or not I was FIT TO PARENT my own daughter! They never informed me as to which Social Services office would have to investigate or how I was supposed to proceed.

I was then told by Small Miracles that a man by the name of Jeff Levenhar would do the evaluation. That was the OWNER of the Agency, so how could he be qualified as an attorney to do an evaluation of my parenting capacity and skills? When I pointed this out the woman at the agency stated that indeed he was qualified.

I then pointed out that as the owner of the Adoption Agency he had a vested interest in the adoption and therefore should be barred from evaluating me because it was a conflict of Interest. Well, it seems that this is not a concern for Small Miracles, and why should it be, after all they are the ones who stand to gain by his role in the evaluation! He will then be the one who decides whether they lose 40% of the Adoption Fee or not. Plainly what I call a stacked deck, and it's not in the Natural parents favor by a long shot!

The agency rep then told me I would have to go and get my daughter. I was glad to do this, if only they would have told me WHERE I was supposed to find her! I asked her to give me the address, tell me where my baby was. She refused!

I was then informed that the adoption agency would go to court and have me declared abandoned of my daughter! How could I have abandoned her when I am begging for them to tell me where she is so I can get her?

I was told that the adoption would proceed without me! I was scared and I didn't doubt for a minute that they would have me declared unfit without my knowledge or go to court without me. I had refused to go to the first relinquishment hearing because of this whole mess.

When my daughter was 5 weeks old, 2 weeks after I had informed Small Miracles that I wanted my daughter BACK, I received a letter from my Daughter's Prospectiv Adoptive Parents. Now, keep in mind that all the conversations between me and the Agency workers are supposed to remain confidential. The Adoptive people's letter to me addressed every one of the reasons I told the Agency Worker I wanted my daughter back. How could they have known WHY I was reconsidering relinquishment?

There is only one answer and that is the Small Miracles breached the contract I had signed, that stated that our conversations would not be repeated to the prospective parents. It is my belief that the adoption agency shared my thoughts in an effort to try and brainwash me into signing over my baby to them and coached the 'prospective' adopters so they could say and do what I wanted to hear and see in their efforts to coerce my daughter from me. Why wouldn't they? The adoption agency and the adopters lose money and the adoptive parents lose custody in matters like this, BUT that is the risk that they take, adopters enter into adoption knowing this.

Efforts to see my daughter as per the agreement (see prospective adoptive woman's letter to me) resulted in this farce of a letter from Brenda. Brenda KNEW I wanted my baby back as she attended two meetings with me. One at a Village Inn and the other at the offices of Small Miracles. Brenda's Letter

I couldn't allow my daughter to be stolen away from me so eventually I ended up hiring a lawyer to help me reclaim my child. I am not financially "privileged" and it was hard to pay for the attorney fees, BUT my daughter was worth it!

The relinquishment hearing were far from objective as they were presided over by the MAGISTRATE Judge Schwartz, herself an adoptive mother. How can an adoptive mother hear cases and rule in favor of justice when decisions that favor a natural parents could have bearing on her PERSONAL life? Is this not a classic form of CONFLICT OF INTEREST? If she were to serve on a jury in a case involving adoption wouldn't she most likely be excused? Apparently this is not a concern in the Arapahoe County Colorado Court System.

In my case, Judge Schwartz ruled on my motion to set aside the relinquishment before she even held a hearing on the matter! Or Small Miracles could submit an answer. She had to have ignored the documents and letters we provided with our complaint.


Judge Schwartz also ignored a Federal Mandate that comes into play in my case because my daughter is part American Indian. According to the Indian Child Welfare Act, every possible effort is supposed to be made to place an Indian Child in an Indian Family so she is assured of learning of his culture and Birthrights. Small Miracles, and Judge Schwartz blatanly chose to ignore this Federal Law. Is this not a crime? Shouldn't Judge Schwartz be forced to resign from her position because of this? Again, not according to the Arapahoe County Courts!

Upon receiving her decision I immediately asked for a review by Judge Schwartz's superior, Judge Stuart. He in turn vacated Schwartz's original decision and remanded the case back to her court for a review. Judge Schwartz is an adoptive parent herself. I had no chance of winning my case as long as she presided over my case.

The review never came. Instead of an explanation and proof of a formal review, Judge Schwartz made her final judgement before the time period even ran out. She simply stated that her decision stood for all the reasons she outlined before. Nothing more was said. Should she not be forced to detail what she did to review the case? Apparently there are no provisions in place to assure that even when ordered to by the court, that a judge will competently re-review a case. Furthermore, why should the judge who made the initial decision be ALLOWED to review it? Shouldn't it go to another judge? How can a judge even allow himself to consider turning over his own verdict, wouldn't this serve only to discredit himself? Surely it is common sense that this would be considered a flawed procedure and a drastic miscarriage of justice!

After her Final Judgement I was crushed. I couldn't afford to file an appeal and all for a situation that should never have been allowed to continue past the first day of my phone call when my daughter was just 3 weeks old.

In a last ditch attempt to procure justice for myself and my daughter I wrote a personal plea to Judge Stuart. I thought surely he would remember the case and surely he would see the corruption I had pointed out to him.

Instead of taking action to stop this horrendous nightmare, Judge Stuart simply informed me that the ONLY remedy I had available was an Appeal. As I said I couldn't afford the attorney's fees for this situation, so once again the adoption industry prevails over the Natural parents, with no hope for redemption.

Now, all I can do is sit and wonder. Wonder, will her adopters fill her head with lies about me? How could they tell her the real truths?

I wonder, will they even keep their promise and tell her she is adopted? Or will they serve their selfish needs to remain in control of my child?

IF they do tell my daughter, will she see through the lies? Will my daughter know that I love her to this day with all that is me? Will she know that I fought for her till there was no way I could continue?

Will my daughter know of the countless nights I have spent crying, not knowing whether I will ever see her again?

My daughter deserves to know the truth! How can I trust that she will be given that opportunity? How can I trust the promises of those who vowed to respect my wishes and then turned their backs to keep their prize?

Yes, World, the Baby Selling Trade is alive and well in Colorado as well as across the United States.

"Open" Adoption? Will your loved one be next?

I appreciate your comments, thoughts and suggestions.

Please be sure not to miss the information on the rest of my site, including what you can do to prevent this from happening to your loved ones, and how you can fight to ensure that adoptee's are told the truth of their origins. They Deserve a copy of their Original Birth Certificates.


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