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Open Adoption? "I have learned a life lesson: Never trust anyone." By Amy K. Brown

Hello. I am a 21 year old first mother. I have a story to tell.

At 19 years old I was already a single mother of twins and expecting one more child on the way. This was my son Jacob. My family had told me that if I kept this child that they would be forced not to help me with the two I already had. Well, not receiving child support for the twins, and not having a job, I felt alone and out of options. I had no friends or support of any kind and I was very worried for all of us. So I decided to pursue what I had heard to be "OPEN ADOPTION". I thought this would be the only chance to get to still see my son and still raise the twins I already had the best I knew how.

Then came along the day that I found out that an ex-boss I knew was trying to conceive a child with his wife with no luck. I thought this to be may be the answer I was looking for. So I had a meeting with Tom and Lori. I had always known Tom and liked him very much, but Lori was a stranger. Months passing, we had numerous lunches and phone conversations. Hell, my mother, my twins and I even went to their house for a BBQ and met their whole family. We had become good friends. Tom and Lori fully understood that my wishes were to get to see my son as much as I wanted, and that his brother, sister, and grandmother would also be a part of his life. They totally were not hesitant to agree before me, my friends or my mother. They hired a private attorney and assured me that he would take care of all the paperwork and everything would be great.

The day came when Jacob, now Cade, was to leave the hospital with his new adoptive parents. That was the day that I died. Tom and Lori's last words to me before I left the hospital were :"Don't worry Amy, you will see him very soon. We love you."

When he was two weeks old I went to court to get him back ... I could not take being apart from my son, and I had made myself very ill. My luck was that the judge hearing my case was an adoptive mother and she dismissed my case without even hearing it. Thanks, Judge Rankin!

My son will be two years old next month, and I have only seen him twice. For 30 min. each time.

I still have not given up on trying to find a hole in the Texas state laws. But I have learned a life lesson: "Never trust anyone, and your children are worth the hardships, whatever they may be."

Thank You for reading my story, I hope this helps someone before they make a life altering decision that is forever.

Amy K. Brown

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