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Guestbook Entries - January-November 2001

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Sunday, October 14 at 10:35 PM:
Terri Annette Butcher from Oregon wrote:
"I am a reunited adoptee.. I have been for 20 years. My birth mother has been a huge part of my life. She was my matron of honour at my wedding in June I feel she was hugely exploited by the adoption and by her parents ..."

Sunday, October 14 at 5:45 PM:
Laura Berry from New Hampshire wrote:
"Wow!! Powerful site. Keep up the good work."

Saturday, October 6 at 11:59 AM:
Pearl-Birth mom {UNITED} from Prince Edward Island,Canada wrote:
"I am a united b-mom; took 25 years to find my child!!! I am trying to help others."

Friday, October 5 at 5:52 PM:
natalie from uk wrote:
"need advice on how to stop my 21 month old from being adopted "

Tuesday, October 2 at 7:49 AM:
Amy K. Brown from Dallas,TX wrote:
"My son is now two years and two months old. I can't live 16 more years without him. I miss him so much. I love my son more than life itself, and I think about him every waking second. I will never give up my fight for him... and no one else should ever give up fighting for their children. They are worth it. "

Monday, October 1 at 9:39 PM:
birthmother--sonya tucker,now legally stormy keifer from cleburne, tx wrote:
" "strangers make the best of friends" i thought i was a birthmother,alone & unoticed in my misery, until the birthmothers exploited by adoption, offers a guestbook to mothers like me, god have mercy on us all, may all our pain come to an end, supporting each other, strangers make the best of friends."

Monday, October 1 at 9:10 PM:
birthmother; sonya carolyn tucker from midland, texas /cleburne,tx wrote:
"promised an open adoption to a first cousin, i fulfilled all my obligations- she has very cruelly broken hers. she has repeatedly placed my daughter now 8 in danger due to a meth addiction. burned their home in 98 by meth lab & daughter now goin thru trial--molested & abused at 4 & 5--still bein left with single ,unstable ,alcoholics & drug abusers--no one including cps cares. an illegal adoption by fraud, undue influence, duress, deceit, drugs/narcotics, child endangerment,cruel mental & emotional cruelty to me & my daughter now 8--no one cares"

Monday, September 24 at 1:54 AM:
BABY CLARA from St. Louis, Missouri wrote:
"To all those people that appear judge this site; PLEASE READ THE STORIES BEFORE being judgemental. The ladiesfthe at this site have been very helpful to me, an adoptee. Im not sure wht role inividuals like Heather play bu t until you have actually had the experiences these women and adoptees have had You must think about the lives you are affecting by such cruel remarks!!!! THANK YOU LADIES, Im in to my 6th month searching and please KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS, I hope to find her soon! BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL< KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK PAMELA (BABY CLARA)"

Saturday, September 22 at 7:12 AM:
"i am thevbirthmom of a adopted child i was told i could see her my mom took her away from me at the age of 16 the dss people came and got her my mom told me i could go out with my boyfriend who she did not like she said she would baby sit he wasnt the dad but was gonna marry me the bad i only seen about two months talked me into going to bed told mehe loved me i was thrown from home to home at my life and i wanted something of my own so he talked me into sex my first time my mom drank didnt tell me about sex or boys after they took her told me i could not get herv back had to give her up for adoption or give her to some one who could not have kids so a girl friend at school told me she hsd a brother and his wife could not have kids so they wanted her told me i could see her after they got her they didnt want me to see her they split up in three years then she moved to columbia s. c. where her parents where i didnt try to find her until she was 16 i found her that lady told her i didnt want nothing to do with her so now she is 27 yrs old dosent want to see me but i want to see her "

Saturday, September 22 at 6:14 AM:

Sunday, September 9 at 2:7 PM:
Susan LeBruin from Kokomo, IN wrote:
"Adults live with the consequences of their decisions. The collective behind this newsgroup, to all intents and appearences decidedly do not! It would be much healthier for you to admit that you made a mistake in signing the papers, learn to deal with your grief in a constructive manner and grow up. Poor, poor, little victimized me is no way to go through life."

Dear Susan - a decision means having a choice between two or more options. When there is only one option, there is no decision. Force and coercion from adults in positions-of-trust (parents, social workers, doctors, lawyers, etc.) is not only unethical but also negates ANY independent decision-making ability on the part of the young person who has been taught to obey and respect the authority of parents and professionals. And in many cases we were TOLD that we had no choice! We may have been victims when we were teenagers, but we are now angry old ladies who realize that what was done to us and our children was WRONG and are fighting mad!


Saturday, September 8 at 7:45 PM:
Colleen Annette (Saft) Clark from Long Beach, California wrote:
"Comment: two sweet mothers met me by E-mail and told me about BEBA. Thank you very much for your lovely and informative page."

Friday, August 31 at 4:47 PM:
Pam N. from California wrote:
"I would like to let other birth mothers know that i have had the great pleasure of being reuinited with my daughter after 18 long years. This has been a dream come true for me. Now I suffer from the pain of knowing how much she actually missed me and how much she has needed me over the years. I was so caught up in "I had done the right thing" that I had put out of my mind what she may have been feeling. There is no perfect solution, unfortunatly. My heart goes out to every birth mother, and the emptiness she feels everyday."

Wednesday, August 22 at 2:46 AM:
Edie Pettitt from strathmore ca wrote:
"searching for birth daughter"

Monday, August 20 at 3:22 PM:
Bonnie Hughes from Yukon, Canada wrote:
"Hi all, I am a Sunnie and have 1 comment on this page. I will be adding my story and some poetry. I had my daughter stolen from me in Michigan in 1970. I was not informed of my rights, I was not given legal counsel, I was refused financial assistance, that it was not available to me. I was told my daughter would keep the name I gave her. This was a lie. I was made to believe I was not a good mother before I could even be a mother, that my baby was better off without me. My baby was apprehended before birth by an unethical social worker. I was alone, scared, vulnerable and most importantly unmarried. As a young girl I did not know how to fight for my daughter. My family did not support me thus making me an easy target for the adoption industry. Adoption is an industry, take a look at the evolution of adoption. We now have people buying babies for big bucks on the Internet. Free enterprise and capitalism at its best. In this day and age of instant gratification, the media that promotes lavish lifestyles as the ultimate goal, we see females selling their babies over the internet, within agencies and in papers. We all make choices, but when material possessions, a career are more important then a child I see values as being askew in society. It is like a baby is getting in the way of me and my life. This is a sad statement to me, that human life is so unimportant. So for me, I did not relinquish, give up or give my baby away as a gift to strangers in 1970. Now we have the "baby dump" laws where a mother can drop off a baby, no questions asked. Yeah, babies are saved from the dumpster and it is a quick fix, but all history is lost and we are socializing mothers on how not to be mothers. Great way to get babies for adopters, and the mother will not come back to claim her child down the road. It truly is a closed adoption. Adoption is a failed social experiment that has evolved in so many unhealthy directions. My site: Surreal Existence: Peace, Bonnie "

Monday, August 20 at 12:0 PM:
Teri Day from Tempe, Arizona wrote:
"Excellent web-site! "

Monday, August 13 at 1:39 AM: from waco texas wrote:
"i can not beleive that you are using these scare tactics on young girls that have no options except the edna gladney home or places like it. child support, what a joke. the father of my baby halled ass imediately. family support, get it of for adoption or you don't live here. edna gladney did not broker my baby, they saved my life. i had every oppurtunity to keep my child up until the last day and if his life did not go well it isn't that i didn't give him the chance he deserved because beleive me he had a way better chance with adopted parents then he would have ever had with me. maybe you feel guilty now that your centered in your life. i have no guilt. they treated me exceptionaly well and i will always be gratefull for a second chance at life."

Monday, August 20 at 3:30 PM:
Bonnie Hughes, BSW from Yukon, Canada wrote:
"To: Monday, August 13 at 1:39 AM: from waco texas It is unfortunate that you gave up your baby because you felt you had no support, that your son would have a better life without you. I am a [birth/first] mother and a social worker. I would have assisted you. It would have been possible if you really wanted to keep your son. For those who are considering adoption because you feel alone and without support, please visit my site and e-mail me. I will do what I can to assist you to find the supports that you need to keep your baby. Peace, Bonnie "

Saturday, July 28 at 9:56 PM:
"TO HEATHER FROM NEW YORK. It's a sad thing when someone gets on here that don't know what they are talking about. you see I am not a teenager and i lost my twins keith and kevin to adoption. The agency kept telling me that sence i was abused as a child I would abuse my children if I didn't give them up. after months of that i finally did. The agency tried to sell them for 20.000 i was able to stop that by going to court on my own because no one would help. I could not get them back without a lawyer and with no money I lost my babies. If the teenagers are scared they need to be if they want to keep there child. the best thing for them is not call an adoption agency. Find some help elsewhere."

Saturday, July 28 at 9:43 PM:
stephanie malone from live in mississippi but from texas wrote:
"I am the birthmother of twin boys who are now 12. but I had my babies a year before they were adopted. I would like to be contacted if ever I can do anything for another birthmother my e.mail is BABYGIRL200139525@YAHOO.COM THANK YOU STEPHANIE"

Thursday, July 26 at 10:22 AM:
Amy from Dallas from texas wrote:
"I am very thankful to this website and to all the women who have shared their stories. It reminds me that I am not alone, that there are other Mothers out there who have also had their precious children taken . Please keep up the good work. This website helps other cope more than you know. We are not alone."



Tuesday, July 24 at 5:15 PM: from NY State wrote:
"What exactly is derivative abuse? My lawyer made me sign a paper about derivative abuse before I surrendered my rights to my daughter. I had a lot of adversarial feelings and dealings with the county and my lawyer. Please email me. judyemily"

Tuesday, July 24 at 5:13 PM: from NY State wrote:
"Please answer this question: Is a past felony conviction a reason to make a birthparent surrender her rights? I have a daughter and she is the love of my life. I surrendered my rights"

Sunday, July 22 at 2:52 PM:
Shaye (born Susannah Gray Pearson) from Upstate New York wrote:
"Eye-opening site. Like most adoptees, I was always told that I was given away because my mother didn't want to keep me."

Monday, July 23 at 9:23 PM:
Happily Reunited First Mother from U.S. wrote:
"Shaye, My son was told the same thing, and it couldn't have been further from the truth. I was a minor and my family and FCH "stole" my son 28 years ago and signed him away to strangers. I loved him, prayed for him and searched for him every day since then. We are now happily reunited. Your adopters may have been told that by the agency, however, many people find that agencies have been less than honest with all parties concerned. Until you know from your first mother, don't make any assumptions. "


Monday, July 23 at 7:47 AM:
Heather from NY wrote:
"I emailed my comments but I'll write anyway. This is a digusting website that takes vulnerable teens and turns them into angry people. You seem like a cult and should be taken off the internet. the maker of this site sounds like a miserable person and misery loves company. Don't be brainwashed by them."

Monday, July 23 at 9:14 PM:
Deb in Colorado from U.S. wrote:
"Dear Heather from NY: I'm so sorry that you appear to be so threatened by the truth. But then again, when lies are told often enough, people actually start to believe them. A cult? . . . I think that would be the adoption agencies and facilitators who are raking in billions of dollars in the baby-selling business. And make no mistake about it -- that's exactly what it is -- a business. I can guarantee you, if there was no money in it, the private agencies and facilitators would be out of business. Babies belong with their natural mothers."

Thursday, July 26 at 10:27 AM:
Amy from Dallas from texas wrote:
"Oh and one more thing... to heather in NY, I am very sorry that you do not understand what most First Mothers go through. I can only guess from your comments that you have gone through a traumatic experience in your life and have yet to deal with them properly. We are women who have gone through more than you can imagine, so please, before you judge... look inward and examine self. Thank You. -"


Wednesday, July 18 at 8:14 PM:
Pamela (BABY CLARA) from Missouri wrote:
"I want to thank all of the mothers who have contacted me. You just dont know how much you have helped me deal with my search. When i have "Bad Days", like Im sure you do too, I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. You "ALL" are truly a blessing. I hope My mother is just like you. THANK YOU! ,THANKYOU !!!!!! PLease keep me in your thoughts because i know my bad days will come again. I dont know why , but atleast I know I wont have to deal with it all by myself. Ill keep you posted on my search. Ill try not to give up .Blessings to you all, BABY CLARA (PAMELA)"

Sunday, July 15 at 11:35 PM:
Pamela from Missouri wrote:
"Since I have begun my search i have felt anger, pain, and despair. Now ii mainly have pain when i see someone who i feel resembles me or that i hope is my natural mother. Tonight while trying to go to sleep i started feeling etremely helpless. I feel like i will never have the answers i am searching for, the medical history, the true identity that makes me who i am . The pain is becoming imcreasingly unbearable . I need to talk with a birth mom who isn't searching, actively, so i can understan , why noe, after 32 years don't you want to know me , my children(your grandchildren and how oi have been all these yeas. Can someone help ?me Im desparetly wanting to find my mother, I need her now , more than ever.please e-mail"

Saturday, July 14 at 3:8 PM:
Linda from USA wrote:
"Excellent site. Thank you for all the hard work of placing this information on line...mothers and adult adopted children, Thank you for sharing your stories!! The truth needs to keep being told.... adoption forever tears apart,splits in two, a viable family. Bless you all! "

Thursday, July 12 at 4:6 AM:
carol garratt from England wrote:
"Great site, well done, keep up the good work, nice to know other people feel the same as me, people need to know the pain and anger we feel as birth mothers."


Monday, July 9 at 6:7 PM: from dominican republic wrote:
" I am an adoptee. looking for my birthmother she's name lidia rodriguez fernandez"

Dear Yolanda, I have passed your information on to other search lists and volunteers. Good luck! I waited for 19 years to be allowed to search for my son - he is the joy of my life. - the webmistress.


Sunday, July 8 at 11:55 AM:
I am a birthmother who lost my daughter to adoption. from toronto canada wrote:
"Although I have been reunited with my daughter,things are not going well. My email address is"

Monday, July 2 at 12:45 PM:
Ravynwolfe Moondancer from Victoria B.C. wrote:
"Beautiful and very informative site. thankyou."

Monday, July 2 at 8:59 AM:
shannon schaffer from iowa city iowa wrote:
"we are looking to adopt a baby up to 2 years of age. We dont know where to look,we want to do a pravate adoption with someone.mail address"

Monday, July 2 at 6:39 AM:
Jennifer from Florida wrote:
"I believed when the adoptive couple took my son that because they had spent the better course of a couple of years with him, and with us fighting the courts, and because they had more money (and I didn't) he would be better off with them. I thought who he spent the most time with was most important. But then I read on this site about how an infant knows his mother's smell, her heartbeat, etc. And I remember the last time I left, when his eyes were filled with tears and I thought I was doing something better for him; but he knew what was going on. He knew better. I wish I had."

Monday, July 2 at 6:34 AM:
Jennifer from Florida wrote:
"I just left a brief description of my story on here a few minutes before. Does anyone out there know if there's an agency who would help me now? Or is it too late? For anyone who understands or thinks they might have helpful info, please e-mail me at Thanks."

Monday, July 2 at 6:29 AM:
Jennifer from Florida wrote:
"I had my son when I was 21. Unfortunately, I was much too naive to understand my rights and couldn't afford a lawyer to fight the backwards Kentucky laws that were so unsupportive of birthmothers. I played right into the hands of a couple looking to adopt -- a couple who told me they'd watch him for the few months it took me to get back on my feet during my divorce and getting out of the Army. Well, they took my 18-month-old from me. He's now seven years old now, and I don't know where they are. PLEASE don't let anyone do this to you. Find out what legal assistance is available and don't ever give up! From a grieving mother"


Friday, June 29 at 7:4 PM:
Debra from U.S. wrote:
"This is a fabulous site -- you are all to be commended for all of the hard work, heartfelt shared stories and information you have put into it. I hope many babies are spared the trauma of being separated from their real mothers. Adoption is nothing but lies, and something built on a foundation of lies will never be a good thing."

Thursday, June 28 at 7:26 PM:
BirthMother from Arkansas wrote:
"I know some of you, my story is not as dramatic as all of yours, I sat and cried at each story that I read tonight. Feeling your pain as my own..Even though I am reunited with my daughter the pain of my baby girl being taken from me will always be in my Soul. This site has become so Wonderful....I hope it helps alot of young girls of any age think twice about adoption. And for people wanting to adopte to think twice and read lots of books, birhmothers and adoptees will always search for each other. Karen("

Tuesday, June 26 at 3:33 PM:
Carlene helping a friends search for Bmom from Rochester, NY wrote:
"Adoptees: (both) Female DOB: 5/30/1980 Born: Staten Island, NY DOB: 2/25/1976 Adopted in: Rochester, NY Contact: with any information please. Thank you."

 Friday, June 22 at 4:31 PM:
Baby Clara ( from St. Louis, Mo. wrote:
"Thank you for helping me to understand what my mother may have endured in 1969. I am a bi-racial female born on June 27th, 1969.  I hope she sees this site and finds me. No grudges kept ! Your site is a true blessing.  Thank You!"

Friday, June 15 at 7:52 PM:
Melanie daughter of an adopted child from Canada wrote:
"Can some one say 'conspiracy theroy'? Some of the comments on this site made me sick. There is nothing wrong with my mother, and most adopted children. Adoption isn't evil, it is wonderful, it saves babies lives, 1 in 4 births end in abortion (in canada) would u like more babies to die??? If more ppl believed in adoption than many more babies would be alive today."

Dear Naive Melanie, 

Can anyone say "Good Adoptee Syndrome?" Babies don't die if they are not adopted. That is a myth of epic proportions. There are a few NOTABLE instances where children, who were adopted, died at the hands of their adopters because they didn't fit the fairy-tale concepts of the adopters. How about the little girl who was killed by the re-birthing experiment? 

But, for many Natural Mothers, a big hole is put in our hearts and self-esteem is flushed down the drain because adoption facilitators convince us that we are unfit and adopters think they have some kind of inherent right to the babies of other people. I pity your mother's Natural Mother.  She will probably be treated like a runner-up in the Mother contest. 

Hold on the that fear of losing the only roots you know and that wonderful feeling of guilt and obligation to your mother's adopters. It sounds really healthy to me!  Oh, and it's spelled "theory." 

Robin Westbrook 
Proud Natural Mom 


Sunday, June 10 at 6:27 AM:
Brenda Robinson-James from Ontario Canada wrote:
"This is the best site I have seen in a VERY long time. Thank you to all whom have put forth such effort. I am a birth (first mother), searching for 22 years. People whom are helping along the way are wonderful...Thank You"

 Thursday, June 7 at 3:24 PM:
Lina Eve from Australia wrote:
"You have my story on your page. My web address has slightly altered. Its now, Thought you might like to correct that. Cheers! Lina"

 Tuesday, June 5 at 4:15 PM:
Mo, birthmother from wrote:
"I really like this web site. I just found it. It's really a relief to see that others feel the same way I feel. Some days it feels like it's still very difficult even though I'm in a good reunion, I still have scars. Mo"

 Friday, June 1 at 1:34 PM:
Tawny Cardell-Northern from TX orignially AR. wrote:
"I'm a birthmother from Arkansas. My son was born 11/30/70 in Little Rock,AR. His birthname was Leonard W. Cardell. Have medical info for him. Contact is Welcomed. E-mails are, & which will be active soon. I am a inactive member of Alana's Sunflower Bmoms. Not able to keep up with the e-mail. "

 Friday, May 25 at 10:51 AM:
Ann Marie from NY wrote:
"Very on target. Holy smokes. It's amazing that so many of us have felt so isolated in our grief now have so many places to turn to express ourselves. Great."

 Monday, May 14 at 7:32 PM:
Helena Wilson from Calgary, Alberta wrote:
"How wonderful it is to be in touch with so many first mothers who suffered in silence for so many years. I am happily reunited with my 33 yr.old birthson who located both me and his birthfather(my husband of 31 yrs.)almost 3 years ago. 

 Monday, May 14 at 4:14 PM:
Louise Smith from Burnaby BC Canada wrote:
"My comment is that it is wonderful that we birthfamilies have places like yours and Canadopt to retreat too! I only wish that we (as in birthparents & adoptees)would be treated with the respect that is entitled to us and allow us too choose whether we should venture into contact with our Missing Family Members. I get so tired of hearing the Government Garbage of what my rights are(which are pratically none!)I ask you, "Who made them God"? Sorry just needed to vent ever so slightly. Best wishes and prayers to all of you who are searching, may God be your companion on your journey. "

 Monday, May 14 at 6:48 AM:
sandy henderson from cape cod wrote:
"this is truly a work of art and love - im sure it will help mend many a broken heart-thanks for your careing and hard work"

 Monday, May 14 at 5:48 AM:
Mary Wert from Va. wrote:
"I am so impressed with your site. I will put your link on all of my groups.Your site is a definite must see."

 Sunday, May 13 at 12:21 PM:
Vikki Boddy from (unknown) wrote:
" It seems I am learning a lot of things lately. I never knew there were other mothers out there who children were apprehended (stolen by CAS) for a variety of reasons. I am so happy to find these places. I have kept this to my self for more than twenty years."

Michele from (unknown) wrote:
"I am adopted, and I wish I could find my birth family ."

 Colleen Kelly from (unknown) wrote:
"I enjoyed your website. It feels so good to see all this finally out in the open. I never gave my daughter up as a gift either. And I pray all the denial in our Triads, Society and archaic social and legal systems can be changed soon. "

Claire from (unknown) wrote:
"I am a birthmother.  Those that accept money while they are pregnant sold their baby and are sick." 

Mike Laurence from (unknown) wrote:
" I am an adoptee, looking for my mom. I hope she finds this site and finds me. I was born 2/24/59 in Montreal Quebec."

Tim Eckert from U.S. wrote:
"I am a 41 year old male looking for my birthmother. I was born in indianapolis, Indiana on April 5,1960. If anyone has any information ,please contact me at "


kari golden from Oregon, US wrote:
"birthmom reunited recently loved this site am working on a registration site of our own for adoptees and birthfamilies come and see it for yourself. I have plans on opening a maternity home in Oregon. Visit us at email: "

Heather Carlini/author "Birth Mother Trauma" from Victoria BC, Canada wrote:
"Hi Gals ... good work. Congratulations on your new website and the best of luck to all of you. We surely need to let young gals know about the trauma that adoption causes.... even as many as 15-20 or 30 years later. "

Wendy Herrett from (unknown) wrote:
"HI to all These stories are so sad. For you first moms that have reunited I wish you all the best. For the moms that haven't don't give up. I am an adoptee. My Bmom was found by the ADR in 1998, She refused contact. I wish one of you first moms were her. "

Phyllis Cohen from (unknown) wrote:
" My adopted daughter misses her birthmother so much. We always buy her a gift on Mother's Day and put it in a special place in the hopes that one day they will be reunited"

Beth A.Cox from (unknown) wrote:
"I am the first mom to my son born in 1974...we had reunion Oct.2,2000. I am 45 years old and I will never get over this. Meeting him only opened the flood gates that were locked. Beth."

LINDA Springer from Ashby, MA, USA wrote:
"Hi I'm a birthmother. I also belong to Concerned United Birthparents. Great Site. I have found my Son,Michael Lives in California"

Ronna from (unknown) wrote:
"This is an awesome site. I believe Birth mothers around the globe will find healing and through healing our voices will be heard all around the globe and our prayers will be answered!"

Cathy from OH (USA) wrote:
" I belong to Sunflowers Birthmothers support group and learned of your site through them. I'm kind of torn as to Mother's Day vs. Birthmother's Day. I like the idea of having our own special day, of giving us individual recognition. "

jeanne kinder from (unknown) wrote:
"Thanks for the excellent article on Birthmother Day"

Tamara Sandy from (unknown) wrote:
"Your site is very life affirming to birthmoms who were extorted by adoption agencies, social workers, society, family and organized religion. I'm in the beginning stages of reclaiming the life I had stolen from me 25 years ago."

Brooke from (unknown) wrote:
" I totally agree with the boycotting of birthmother's day and fully support it and thank you for bringing this out and to make others aware"

Kathy Lamantia from (unknown) wrote:
"This is one of the most excellent, succinct, well-written statements about the birthmother experience I have ever seen. I hope millions in the adoption community see it. Thank you! Kathy"

Gael from (unknown) wrote:
" I'm a first mother, recently reunited with my son, after nearly twenty eight years - I never ever dreamt that it would be like this, the pain is so intense I can hardly manage some days. Advise to all expecting mums, keep you babies.. they belong to you. "

First Mother's Reunited from U.S. wrote:
"Support Group For First Mother's Reunited -"

Anne from Canada wrote:
"Bravo for creating a site that speaks the truth! I am a reunited adoptee and I believe adoption is the most punitive and damaging act ever done to mothers and children. I hope anyone considering adoption will listen to the experts - and they would be natural parents and adoptees."

Amy Clemens from (unknown) wrote:
"I was put up for adoption in 1972 and I have just started looking for my mother."

Anonymous from U.K. wrote:
"Have just visited your site and printed off reams of info....thankyou..thankyou..thankyou..I am so grateful someone out there is speaking up for birthmothers.... "

Deb from U.S. wrote:
"All of the work that went into this site is incredible. I, too, wish I had all of this information 28 years ago, I might have been able to fight harder. "

Kerry from (unknown) wrote:
" I am Robin's ,(Robin's Story), raised daughter and I hope all parents even thinking about adoption as an option would see this page.I have seen both sides with my Mom....I love my Mom and think she's the best mom around !She is a REAL MOM ! "

Tammy Morrical from (unknown) wrote:
" Thanks for a GREAT site! All I can say to everything on here is "Amen!". Wish I could have found this information 25 years ago. Now, I believe the only good adoptions happen at the animal shelter! "



LINDA FREEMAN from U.S. wrote:
"Ladies--how do I join up????"

rita walsh from (unknown) wrote:
"thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you what a relief to know that i'm never alone the stories can be told and healing can happen (for some)and other women can and children can be protected "

Anna Brown from (unknown) wrote:
"I must congratulate you on a brilliant site.....I spent time in a mother and baby home in ireland, run by catholic nuns and the experience in that hell hole left me with many mental scars. Keep up the good work of informing people."

 Dawn from (unknown) wrote:
"If you adopted "Sarah" born january of 1989, contact me at Birth Mom"

Carole Richard from (unknown) wrote:
"Your site is extremely informative. Carole Richard, Bmom to Buddy found 11/29/98 "

Marsha Garbett from (unknown) wrote:
"Ladies -I'm a "Sunnie'and you did a great job on this webpage. Hugs to all Marsha :) "

Brandy Elkins from (unknown) wrote:
"I am a natural mother whose child was abducted by the system. "

Melissa Langley from (unknown) wrote:
"Love this sight it is all too true. Keep up the good work. "

Bonnie from (unknown) wrote:
"Great site ~ I am a first mother in reunion with my daughter lost to adoption in Michigan in 1970. This is a great site as it speaks to support, that families need information on how to keep mothers and children together. Adoption is a quick fix, a band-aid solution. "

Gale Munden from (unknown) wrote:
"Thanks Shelley,,, If just one girl is saved from the agony of adoption!! Adoption is not the end all be all that it is made up to be. Pain and Loss is what adopttion is about! Oh and of course money and who can buy a baby!!! BABIES for SA "

Karen Defoe from (unknown) wrote:
"I really love what you have created, I think it benefit a lot of people, keep up the good work. "

Vicki Miller from California wrote:
" Dear Robin & Bry, Many times before in the RBM group I had told the women , [ We need people to get off their rears & do something,] Your one of the few that has taken it to this multitude. Your site is beautiful. The word behind it is strong. God Bless "

Paula from (unknown) wrote:
"If only this info. was available to me when I surrendered my daughter. Thanks for validating my feelings."

Linda Webber from (unknown) wrote:
"A great site and it is going into my favorite places along with other resources for when I encounter a young Pregnant woman thinking of adoption!! Thanks!! "

KIM M from (unknown) wrote:
"Wow, I second that too!! Finally got here!! What an Awesome webpage..... "

Kay from (unknown) wrote:
"Wow--I didn't realize how much effort has gone into this site! Okay, I'm impressed! Might even write "my story"! "

Karen from Arkansas wrote:
"The site is great!!!!! Good Job Ladies"

Nancy from (unknown) wrote:
" This site is terrific! You are all doing a wonderful job. "

Robin Westbrook from Florida wrote:
"This site is a dream come true. I am watching it grow and evolve into something that will truly make a difference in the lives of our sisters to follow, hopefully, NOT in the footsteps of surrender."

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