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Social Workers' Role in Cultural Genocide ("Infant Adoption")

Adoption is a way to destroy cultures - "cultural genocide". Many of those in power in America would like to destroy families that are not of the "family-unit" family type. They often focus their efforts on getting healthy white infants - the type most desired by adopters. But, non-white people may also have their families destroyed. (If the babies aren't healthy enough or otherwise can't be sold, then they can always be put into institutions or foster care.)

From Whispering Eagle's Website:

The following excerpt was found on the Lost Bird Society website. It is from a book written by Renee Sansom-Flood, who was nominated for a Pulitzer for her work on the original lost bird. A link to the Lost Bird Society follows the excerpt.


RENEE'S EXPERIENCES AS A SOCIAL WORKER Below is an excerpt from Renee's book, Lost Bird of Wounded Knee: Spirit of the Lakota, about her experiences as a Social Worker.

One day I went to a local hospital with another social worker. On the maternity ward, we found a young Lakota mother holding her baby boy. She had him wrapped up tightly in a warm blanket, and he was asleep. When the social worker barged in on the mother, she didn't look up. A nurse came and pulled the curtain around us. "Are you having trouble finding a place to stay?" The worker began sympathetically. She gave me a knowing look and she thought the Indian girl hadn't noticed. The girl was scared. Without looking, Indians can read body language like radar. "We just need a ride back to Rosebud," She said softly, still without looking up. Now began the barrage of questions, each unconsciously calculated to destroy the young woman's self-esteem. "How will you raise your child without money?" the worker asked. "What kind of life can you provide for him on the reservation? If you really love your boy, you'd give him a chance in life. We have a long list of good people who can never have children of their own. They have money, beautiful homes. Your baby would have everything; a good education, nice clothes, loving parents, opportunities you can never give him...." When we got to the state car in the parking lot, I looked back up at the hospital window. There stood the young Lakota mother, her open palms on the window above her head. The worker handed me the baby, and I held him, still looking up at the Lakota girl watching us helplessly as we drove away with her precious child.

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Today a child of Native American decent is protected from being forcibly "turned into a white man" through laws that prevent adoption of Native Americans by non-Natives.



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