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   "The horrors of war pale beside the loss of a child." - Joe Soll, C.S.W.

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"Why BIRTHMOTHER Means BREEDER" by Diane Turski
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birthmother stories

"I asked to see her and was told that as soon as I signed the papers I could" - Karen D.

"I was about 2 or 3 weeks away from my due date, when my doctor (also the adopted parents' doctor) on a routine visit sent me to the hospital saying that I was in labor. Now I was 22 at the time and already had one child so I know what going into labor is like. Once I got to the hospital, they prepped me and then gave me a shot and the pains started and then gave me another shot that made me real dopey, then Dr. Smith came in and broke my water, the next thing I remember was being wheeled down a hall. After the birth (I was out stone cold) as they were taking me back to my room one of the nurses pulling the stretcher (or what ever they used back in 1969) asked me if I  wanted to see my baby, very groggy I tried to raise up when the nurse pushing at my head said "No, she's giving her child away," then I passed out again.

"The next morning I was given a shot about 10 am, asked the nurse what it was for and was told to calm me and then about 30 or 45 minutes later the  attorney and a man and a woman (I guess from the clerks office?) came in and told me to sign the papers, I asked to what I had (none of the nurses would tell me) and was told it was a girl, I asked to see her and was told as soon as I signed the papers I could, so I signed and gave the lady a 7 page letter I had written to the adopters and passed out again. Didn't wake up until about 4 that afternoon, got up to go to the bathroom and there in the trash can was my letter torn into tiny pieces. Well, I stormed out of my room and headed for the nursery and was stopped by a nurse who called another and the two off them took me (kicking and screaming) back to my room, and was given another shot. 

"Woke up the next day and my hands had been tied to the bed rails, rang for the nurse and she came and untied me and said they did that because I was running a high fever and delerious!!!!!!!!!!  Asked the nurse to let me see my baby as the attorney had said I could and she told me "Her parents have already taken her home!!!!!!" 

"I still can't remember leaving the hospital and about 4 to 6 months after Kimberly's birth.  There are still blank times that I can't remember from that time, do remember just 2 days after coming home went (couldn't even sit down good yet) out and got drunk as "cooter brown."  On Kimberly's first birthday got drunk and slashed my wrist, if it hadn't of been for my room mate Janice I don't know what I would have done, she bandaged my wrist and held me until I finally passed out or went to sleep from crying so much. To this day, almost 32 yrs later, I have never been back to that hospital."

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