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   "The horrors of war pale beside the loss of a child." - Joe Soll, C.S.W.

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Infant Adoption - Fathers Losing Their Own Precious Sons and Daughters to Adoption 

 In 1984, a 22-year-old woman learned she was pregnant. She and her baby's father were separated. The dad was not wealthy and neither was the mom. Her "Christian" parents were middle-class, but they said that to help her out with her baby would be committing a mortal sin - she must "give" her baby away. She reluctantly told the baby's father ... and not long afterwards he committed suicide.

Fathers often suffer over the loss of their children. Other fathers are relieved when their child is adopted because they don't have to bother with child support. If they are planning to run for office or they are religious leaders, they are more concerned about public opinion than they are about their own son or daughter. Sadly, the Dads who want to abandon their children get better treatment in our society than the Dads who want to take responsibility. By "society" I mean the United States of America.

This page is dedicated to fathers who lost their babies to adoption. The adoption promoters say you are just "birthfathers". We say you are real father - you are heros - if you tried to support and love your child and work with his mother.

Though we are dismayed that the disparaging word "unwed" and "birthfather" is used in this article, we applaud the dad who tries to take responsibility for his wonderful child.


From the New York Times:

Single ("Unwed") Fathers Fight for Babies Placed for Adoption by Mothers

Published: March 19, 2006

Jeremiah Clayton Jones discovered that his former fiancée was pregnant just three weeks before the baby was due, when an adoption-agency lawyer called and asked if he would consent to have his baby adopted.

Jeremiah Clayton Jones, who failed to file with a state registry for unwed fathers, is appealing the termination of his parental rights.

"I said absolutely not," said Mr. Jones, a 23-year-old Arizona man who met his ex-fiancée at Pensacola Christian College in Florida. "It was an awkward moment, hearing for the first time that I would be a father, and then right away being told, 'We want to take your kid away.' But I knew that if I was having a baby, I wanted that baby."


Please click on the link below to read the rest of this article about "birthfathers" and adoption:

"Unwed" Fathers Fight for Babies Surrendered to Adoption by Mothers


In many states, a dad has to sign the "Putative Father's Registry" IN ADVANCE or he - and his child - are essentially SCREWED.

Eric L. Smith has written extensively about the Putative Father's registry and we suggest you look up all his articles.

Because the laws differ from state to state, adoption businesses often MOVE THE NAIVE MOM TO A DIFFERENT STATE TO GET A BABY TO SELL TO CUSTOMERS. The adoption businesses make money. Infertile people and gay people get babies. Babies get "replacement" parents in spite of the fact that they have real moms and/or dads that love them.


"unwed " fathers, "birthfathers" and adoption


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