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birthmother stories

"She is an unwed mother. Let her hurt"
by Cynthia Runyon


I, too, am an exiled mother (reunited with MY son). In 1969 I was unwed and pregnant....and according to my father...an embarrassment (after all what would the neighbors think?). The next call I received was from the birthfather's attorney referring me to a maternity home. I wanted my baby.

I entered 'the Cradle' in August of 1969 where I was 'placed' in a private household where I was told I was to care for the family's children. Child care also consisted of washing, ironing, cleaning, cooking and general all around maid duty.....after all, I deserved no better. I was told my baby would be placed in a good home with TWO parents. I was told I'd forget and go on to have children of MY OWN.

While in labor I asked the doctor for something to help with pain. I heard a doctor and a nurse talking in the hall and the doctor told the nurse and I QUOTE: "She is an unwed mother. Let her hurt. She deserves it." I heard my baby cry but they didn't let me see him...I was placed in a private room...the only visitors received were the woman who's home I had resided and the social worker from 'The Cradle'

The woman who's house I lived in promptly told me how inconveinent my timing was because she had to prepare Thanksgiving dinner by herself. The social worker brought in my baby boy's blank birth certificate in told me to sign it...that it would be filled out later for his REAL parents. I had time and went to the Cradle nursery and asked to hold my baby..They did not like this..but I held him, kissed him, told him that I loved him.... (I wanted to run with him). They told me I'd forget (I didn't) they told me I'd get on with my life.

I am now reunited .... but am not united ... My son has made it perfectly clear that his adopters are his only parents. Everytime he calls his adoptive mom "Mom" in my presence I hurt so bad inside that I want to vomit. I love you Mike. I always have and always will.

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