"birth"Mothers Exploited By Adoption
   "Adoption Loss is the only trauma in the world where the victims are expected
   by the whole of society to be grateful" - The Reverend Keith C. Griffith, MBE.

Resources for People Separated by Adoption 
"Why BIRTHMOTHER Means BREEDER" by Diane Turski
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Resources for Exiled Fathers

"Birth father? Fathers don't give birth! The male equivalent to "birthmother" would have to be "ejacuation father" - sounds pretty bad, doesn't it? And for "tummy mummy" what would we be, a "dick daddy"?" - a natural father.

Support Groups

  • MSN Birthfathers Support for natural fathers who have lost children to adoption
  • Origins Australia: Supporting People Separated by Adoption
  • Canadian Council of Natural Mothers (Canada). (membership is open to natural fathers and adopted persons as well as to natural mothers)
  • Yahoogroups: Birthfathers. A discussion list for of fathers separated from their children by adoption.
  • Trackers International (UK) independent tracing agency and specialist research unit founded on the principles of justice. Justice for the hundreds of thousands of unmarried mothers who were denied the right to keep their babies. Justice for all the adoptees who were denied the right to be raised by their natural mothers.We trace and reunite families separated by adoption.
  • Natural Parents Network of Ireland (N.P.N.I.) "The Natural Parents Network is a voluntary self-help organisation formed in 1996 by a group of women who had been parted from their children by adoption in the past. We provide help to natural families separated by adoption in four ways: Individual advice by email or letter; Monthly open meetings; Information to Media on adoption issues; Views to Government on adoption legislative reform."
  • Concerned United Birthparents (U.S.)

Books about fathers and adoption loss:



Other sites:
  • Father to Father. Resources and support for fathers and fatherhood.
  • "Wahoo Ranch". A natural father's tribute to the daughter he is searching for.

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Note: The terms "unwed" father, "birth father", "biological" parent make a parent appear to be less than the mother or father they are. These terms dehumanize and limit the parent's role to that of an incubator. Using the honest terms "father", "single father" or "natural father" help the public to understand why real family members must not be separated to obtain babies for adoption.

Mothers Exploited By Abdoption
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