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   "Adoption practice works on the premise that, in order to save the child,
   one must first destroy its mother." - Dian Wellfare, founder of Origins Inc.

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Married vs. "unmarried" - Pregnancy, Birth and Falling in Love with Your Baby


Identified Adoptions - What is an "Identified Adoption"?

There are so many "types" of infant adoption. There is "open" adoption, "semi-open" adoption, "closed" adoption. Hospitals today try to keep mothers and babies together to prevent the harm that comes from separating them. No other caregiver, not even the baby's father, can replace her mother. Separating mothers and babies at birth is unhealthy for both of them. Yet, true motherhood is undervalued and unsupported by many in our society. Each of these adoption "options" makes it possible for people who are not actually mothers to get the healthy newborn baby "of their dreams".

In addition to "open adoption" and other forms of adoption, there is something called "Identified Adoption". Here's the definition/explaination of "Identified Adoptions" from www.Adoption.CON:

Identified Adoptions: In this type of adoption, the birth mother has selected the family that she wishes to adopt her child. This may have been accomplished by the birth mother reviewing information about only a few couples, or many couples. The birth mother may or may not actually meet the adoptive parents that she identifies as the parents to adopt her child.

We think the description would read a little more clearly if it was stated in this way:

Identified Adoptions: In this type of adoption, the child's actual mother may be naive or feel pressured to "choose" adoption and "select" prospective adopters long before her baby is even born, before she has any concept of what she is "choosing". The father's parental rights are usually ignored completely. The "family" that wants to adopt are generally complete strangers - people who are unrelated to her baby. They are people who have the money to pay for adoption "services" that will help them to get a baby. Some of them also take advantage of the federally-funded Infant Adoption Awareness Training and adoption advertising to find a "birthmother" independently and snag a baby on their own.

While mothers looking for a temporary caregiver or babysitter may be advised by professionals to check out prospective babysitters carefully, mothers considering a permanent caregiver are being advised (by those who will profit in some way) to "just trust" the adoption agency or attorney and the adoption home study. Not only may the mother not meet the prospective adoptive baby buyers - but she may be given false information about their names and everything else about them.


In infant adoption, the actual mother, father and grandparents are nearly always being conned. And as an infant, the adopted baby cannot defend herself from the adoption businesses and the manipulative tricks they use to separate her from her mother. But the adopted person will not remain a cute little baby forever - she will grow up to have her own perspective about this heartless family separation. See Adopted Children (Adult Adoptees) Speaking Out

What is adoption really? The infertile or gay adoptive "parent" gets to use the human being they have adopted as a fill-in for the child they could not/did not have. They are issued a fraudulently amended birth certificate to enable them to hide the real identity of the child (or adult) adoptee. They deny her real identity and her heritage. They like to refer to the child's real family members as "biological" family or "birth" family ( "birth objects") making it seem as thought the actual family is meant to be used as the source of a baby. What is adoption really? Adoption is a scam and a violation of human rights.




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