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   "Adoption practice works on the premise that, in order to save the child,
   one must first destroy its mother." - Dian Wellfare, founder of Origins Inc.

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Married vs. "unmarried" - Pregnancy, Birth and Falling in Love with Your Baby


 Ethical Adoption Agencies, Reputable Adoption Agencies

Many people are aware of the horrendous suffering caused to children and families when children are separated from living parents, grandparents or siblings. Many people do look for true orphans and want to help them. So the question is often asked: "Where do I find a reputable or ethical adoption agency?"

That is an interesting question. Is adoption from foster care better than infant adoption? Is infant adoption ethical in some cases? Is adoption from other countries also taking advantage of people or does it deprive children of the best situation for them, with their own relatives, heritage, culture? We will explore the possiblities in an effort to assist those who truly want to help someone.

Adopting from Foster Care

We have watched as children in United States are removed from parents by child protective services (CPS) and (if they are cute and "adoptable") there is no effort made to keep the child with family. "We allow ample time for family members to come forward," is a statement we sometimes hear, but it seems the family members better understand how to navigate the system very well in advance and NOT trust the social workers or anyone else involved in the "system". When there are adoption bonuses, federal funding or quotas attached to any action of a child protection system, there is less likelihood that the interests of any individual child will be considered a priority. Social workers who are in "sales" mode may deceive the prospective adopters as well as the natural families. When the foster care providers or the people adopting do not know the child's true history or medical history, this can hardly be in a child's interests - or anyone else's.

Adoption and Safe Families Act Tears Family Apart - A mother's youngest "adoptable" child is taken and her older children are not.

Adoption Bonuses - The Money Behind the Madness

Infant Adoption

Mothers-to-be are being told they will be "heros" if they make their children available for the adoption market. They are encouraged to "make an adoption plan" and even select prospective adopters before their baby is born - before they have a chance to hold their little one and look into her trusting eyes. Father's parental rights are usually bypassed completely. People who are infertile, gay or "just don't want to be bothered with a pregnancy" insist they have a "right to adopt" and they are looking for the perfectly healthy baby "of their dreams". This is hardly like taking in a true orphan when living family members are separated on purpose.

Infant Adoption Awareness Training - Why It Must Be Ended

Choose Life License Plates Are Misleading

Domestic Infant Adoption Baby Boom - Exploiting Women and Families in America

Here is information on some specific "ethical" adoption agencies. Of course this is a very short listing. What agency do you suppose will not lie to moms and their families to get babies for their true customers - and then lie to the customers about lying?

The following comparison provides some insight into how laws might be changed to be more ethical:

Comparison Between Adoption Practices in Australia and North America


Adopting from a Foreign Country

Pay attention to news stories and you may discover some who quote experts who are willing to reveal the truth - that children who have lost family may be further tramatized by being forced to go live with strangers in a foreign land.

European Parents Warned Against Adoption
by Julio Godoy The French government has ordered a six-month suspension of all adoptions from the region. ”The better solution for the children is to be cared for in their societies of origin,” said minister for health and family Philippe Douste-Blazy.

There may be relatives or other people within their culture wanting to care for a child. But when people come in with big piles of money from other countries, then the interests of the individual child may not be considered a priority. The child will be "sold" to the person with the most money. Usually, the moneyed people go for the most desirable child they can find. They exploit a situation to get themselves a child, rather than finding the best way to help as many as possible.

Opening Pandora's Box - What is wrong with inter-country adoption? What could be improved so that more children benefit and in better ways?

In some countries, single mothers are being harvested of their babies. They may be warehoused in maternity homes, and then pressured to relinquish parental rights or have their infant sons and daughter removed from them to be sold to people in other countries for adoption. There is little or no effort made to fix the systemic issues, the root causes of poverty or to prevent family separation.

Adopting From Korea - Transracial Abductees Speak Out

Korean Babies for Adoption Korea must stop overseas adoption Tobias Hubinette, Korea Herald, Feb 28, 2005



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