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Married vs. "unmarried" - Pregnancy, Birth and Falling in Love with Your Baby


 "Crisis" Pregnancy and Adoption Agencies

There is a large market for babies in America - a market for healthy American babies for adoption. Many so-called "pro-life" organizations like to refer to pregnancy as a "crisis". The babies of single parents are said to be "unwanted" babies. Adopted persons may already feel abandoned and hearing the words "crisis pregnancy" or "unwanted babies" is rubbing salt in their wounds. People who were adopted at birth should take heart - their mother may very well have insisted that her baby is NOT a crisis, even as others sought to separate them.

Where adoption statistics are concerned, the label "unwanted" is used based on the marital state of the mother - and has nothing to do with whether the baby is wanted by her family. The truth is that by the time they have gone through nine months of pregnancy and given birth, most moms truly want their sons and daughters and find it heartbreaking to lose them.

Is this any way for people to respect human life? By calling human beings "unwanted" and a "crisis"? By misleading parents and grandparents and separating mothers and babies at birth, traumatizing them both?

Rather than "Crisis Pregnancy Centers", I recommend we go to "Pregnancy Centers" and treat this very natural life event of pregnancy a little more respectfully.

If you are single and having a baby, consider all of your options.





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