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Why There Is No Adoption "Triad"

Instances of "adoption triad" on this website are for search engine purposes only.

We find the word "triad" misleads people to believe that adoption is inherently a cooperative situation among three equal parties: the mother (natural family), her child and the person(s) who adopted her child.

Individuals may cooperate, but the adopted person - often deprived of access to the most basic information about herself - and the mother whose parental rights have been violated know this is not inherently a cooperative situation among "equals".

Even more misleading, the term "triad" leaves out that all-important fouth entity - the promoters of adoption and the adoption agencies and attorneys who profit from "services" designed to obtain babies for customers.

The only people who have power in adoption are the adopters and the adoption promoters/agencies. So two entities have all of the power and two (mothers and their children) have none. There is no adoption "triad".

Sometimes the term "adoption triad" is used to make mothers believe adoption will be like some happy marriage-like situation between themselves and the adopters. Some adoptions may give the appearance of such a "marriage" of equals, but the appearance of equality is entirely at the discretion of the adopters and can change at any moment, leaving natural family members - including the adopted person - feeling devastated and used.

Note that in intercountry adoption where it's not necessary to deceive mothers into surrendering their babies to the seemingly "friendly" prospective adopters, there is no pretense of a "triad".


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