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   "Adoption practice works on the premise that, in order to save the child,
   one must first destroy its mother." - Dian Wellfare, founder of Origins Inc.

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dear birthmother letters


Married vs. "unmarried" - Pregnancy, Birth and Falling in Love with Your Baby


Testimonials from Customers of Infant Adoption Services - and the Response of Mothers

We are mothers who were taken advantage of by adoption agencies, attorneys or individuals when we were young, single, vulnerable, sick, naive. But we are young and vulnerable no longer. We know that adoption agencies and predatory adopters are not "angels" trying to help true orphans.

The infertile, single or gay prospective adopter is usually looking for ways to fulfill her own desires, to get a newborn baby fast and easy - and cheaply if possible. Finding a baby to adopt is no "miracle" - it is the result of careful planning and lobbying on the part of the adoption industry. Adoption agencies and attorneys stay in business and grow their business by keeping their customers - the adoptive baby-buyers - satisfied. They lobby for advertising and benefits that will aid and promote the adopters at the expense of people who are actually related. Even in many workplaces, as ordinary worker's benefits are being cut, the adopters benefits are actually increasing. So much for the statement "we can love a child just like her own family would" - because the true family loves their child no matter what disabilities she has. The true family reaches into their own pocket to love their child - they don't get the benefits above and beyond ordinary citizens like the baby-buyers do. To read more about adoption and it's effects on mothers and babies read adoption facts. True families are being scammed in a big way by those in power. The testimonials of adoptive "parents" below reveal the arrogance, ignorance and "unloving nature" of some adoptive baby-buyers. (Testimonials are from adoptionservices.org/adopting_families_Testimonials2.htm.)


Testimonial: "...with your agency we had a pleasant and non-traumatic adoption experience."

Our Response: For the mother and baby who were separated to ensure you a baby, it could not be called "pleasant" so much as a tragedy.

Testimonial:"As a single woman in my late forties, I didn't think that I could find an adoption agency willing to help me..."

Our Response: Yes, haven't you noticed? In United States just about anyone can adopt (buy a baby).

Testimonial: "..we had a baby in seven months."

Our Response: Yes, natural moms ordinarily have to wait nine months and go through labor and delivery as well, so you surely are the lucky one!

Testimonial: "[We used your service to get ourselves a healthy infant because] The only available children had severe mental or physical handicaps...".

Our Response: As mothers, we can only wonder what you will do if your adopted child becomes disabled. Will you institutionalize her or abandon her? People who become parents the natural way nearly always love their child and want to welcome her into their home and care for her and love her - disabilities or ill health are not obstacles to love. It's a tragedy that so many natural parents are pressured by cruel shaming or by finances to surrender their beloved sons and daughters. By contrast, many adopters seem to be looking for the best "deal" money can buy.

Testimonial: "I wish that the birthmothers could know the incredible happiness that folks like us find when they follow through with this most difficult decision."

Our Response: Just like slaves, the "birthmothers" would be overjoyed to know how happy you are that you got to use their sons and daughters.

Testimonial: "I hope somehow that these women gain peace knowing that this decision is the right decision, and surely it is."

Our Response: What do you mean, "Surely it is"? Your ARROGANCE is showing. My guess is, you would have taken the baby Jesus from his mother Mary - and then told her to shut up and "find peace".

Testimonial: "What an added joy to be told we could go up to the nursery. There were many friendly faces but the best face was the face of our little daughter Ledora. We could hardly believe our eyes. There she was - so little - so beautiful - so needing. Dr. Berger was busy clicking pictures. He made everything extra special."

Our Response: For the mother, losing her child was not "extra special". If the real moms got the treatment you did, perhaps this little baby wouldn't have been "so needing".

Testimonial: "What led us to this agency initially was its reputation for these four things: 3) placement of newborns, and 4) thorough counseling with the birth mother and a sincere concern for us as the adopting parents..."

Our Response: Yes adoption agencies sell newborn babies, straight from the womb to the buyer. They hire professionals to "counsel" the moms - and their parents - until they believe they have no right to raise their own family member, and might even feel guilty taking their own beloved child home because you have been portrayed as being so needy and so "deserving".

Testimonial: "When Tammy called and informed us there was a baby for us, we were ecstatic and overjoyed. Alexa was born two days later and we had to work quickly to complete paperwork in order to bring her home. "

Our Response: My GOD, they promised you a baby that was not even born, much less an orphan? Not even an orphan on paper? They guranteed you they could get the baby away from her mother?

Testimonials: "When the big moment arrived, I was actually helping the birth mother push…"

Our Response: Yes, I'm sure you "felt" the mother's pain - and it's ever so interesting how you refer to this baby's mother as a "birthmother" as if she were some sort of object, not a mother.

Testimonials: "It also makes us feel good to know how much time and energy they spend on helping the birthmother to make the right decision for her so that she can feel settled about placing her baby with an adoptive family."

Our Response: For a mother to make her own decision, she must be free of interference and "guidance" by people who will profit from selling babies. Mothers who are called "birthmothers" and "guided" by people who put in so "much time and energy" did NOT make a decision - it was made for them. The adoptive "family" are recipients of a stolen child.

Testimonials: "The birthmother wanted to place her son for adoption, but the birthfather said he did not. "

Our Response: The baby brokers always find a way around the fathers, don't they?

Testimonial: "When we were notified that our baby girl was born we felt it truly was a miracle."

Our Response: Huh? YOUR baby girl?

Testimonial: "We also really liked the fact that we took placement of Thomas when he was only 2 days old."

Our Response: Glad you could separate him from his mother as quickly as possible?

Testimonial: "On September 2 Elaine from Adoption Services called me at home during the day and said, "…I have a birthmother in labor right this minute, she's in Pittsburgh." As she was giving me the particulars that she knew about the birthparents, ..."

Our Response: Wow! When they took my baby, I didn't get told "all the particulars" of the buyers. But now I know the buyers often got our names and some of the buyers even got our social security numbers.

Testimonial: "Part of what helped us decide to contract with Adoption Services were the testimonial books in the waiting area. I started to read the wonderful words written by other adoptive parents and I started to cry..."

Our Response: Yes that sort of thing makes us cry, too - all the advertising making people think it is OK to separate moms and babies at birth just so someone can buy the babies and someone else can profit.

Testimonial: "You were the only agency I was able to find that does not penalize someone who is single… I have so much love to give"

Our Response: Huh? They surely "penalize" the single mom and dad who have their own child. These moms and dads also have so much love to give, but they are cast off to the side and called "birth objects" so you can get a baby.

Testimonial" "We are very grateful for all the support and concern that we received both before and after the adoption. Any time we had questions, our questions were answered immediately. Any phone calls we made, we were able to speak to someone right away."

Our Response: Well, duh - they are making money selling babies and YOU are their customer. The phone calls of adult adopted persons looking for their family members and the mothers who have been used as the source of a baby are rarely returned by agencies - even when the moms and adoptees are still fairly pleasant (before they discover just how badly they have been used).



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