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   "Adoption practice works on the premise that, in order to save the child,
   one must first destroy its mother." - Dian Wellfare, founder of Origins Inc.

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"Why BIRTHMOTHER Means BREEDER" by Diane Turski
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Married vs. "unmarried" - Pregnancy, Birth and Falling in Love with Your Baby


Adoption Statistics from CERA

Adoption: One of the Most Misunderstood Subjects in the World

6 million - Adopted people in the U.S.
72 million - Each adoptee has 12 direct natural family relatives 1 (x 6 million)
72 million - Each adoptee has 12 direct adoptive family relatives 2 (x 6 million)
150 million people in the U.S. whose lives are directly affected by adoption.
That breaks down to: 140 separations per day (139.7), 6 every hour (5.8)
Once every 10 minutes a woman and her child suffer the amputation from each other, causing them to endure the life-long pain of separation.
For every adoption there are 12 people* who gain the relationship with the child.
For every adoption there are 13 people** who suffer the loss and life-long effects of the separation.

* 12 Natural family members: mother + her sibling, father + his sibling, Maternal grandmother + her sibling, Maternal grandfather + his sibling, Paternal grandmother + her sibling, Paternal grandfather + his sibling.

** 12 Adoptive family members: adoptive mother + her sibling, adoptive father + his sibling, adoptive maternal grandmother + her sibling, adoptive maternal grandfather + his sibling, adoptive paternal grandmother + her sibling, adoptive paternal grandfather + his sibling.

Did You Know:

  • Babies are stolen and sold into adoption every day.
  • A healthy white baby can bring $100,000 to the baby broker.
  • Women have been killed in this country for their babies in order to sell them in adoption.
Adoption was created as a means of finding homes for children who needed them. Adoption is now being used to find children for infertile couples.
  • 1 Billion Dollars is spent on fees to adopt children each year. 51,000 babies x $20,000 average.
  • 1 out of every 7 white couples are infertile. There are 100 white couples per white baby available.
Adoption is a Billion Dollar Industry. Babies are now a commodity in this country.
  • Women who surrendered children to adoption most often have great difficulties in getting on with their lives and endure a vast array of psychological problems stemming from the separation such as: relationship difficulties, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Secondary Infertility.

  • Adoptees most often have great difficulties in getting on with their lives and endure a vast array of psychological problems stemming from the separation such as: relationship difficulties, General Anxiety Disorder, Low Self Esteem and fear of intimacy.


The most sacred event in the world (birth) and the most sacred relationship in the world (mother and child) is totally disrespected. And then everyone is told that everything is okay and the losses are treated as non-existent. It is obvious that something is wrong with this picture!
The Council for Equal Rights in Adoption is spearheading the effort to make changes in the law to help preserve families and legalize reunions between those already separated and in pain.

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